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Rollin with a vorpal sword and a loaded D20

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18 August 1978
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I hate these things. This is pretty random.
  • Im madly in love (and married to) xotiffany
  • I'm a pharmacist by day, and a linux geek by night.
  • I work in a very bad part of town, and live in a very good part of town.
  • I started/run DeadJournal.com. Dont ask me for codes, I used all mine up.
  • I was senior linux admin for a large ISP here in town while I was in pharmacy school. Now I just administer DJ and my own personal webserver.
  • Contrary to popular belief, I do have a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of the Pacific. All pharmacists in California do now days, so dont think im special or anything. Although its one of the few accomplishments I am actually proud of, I dont flaunt it or make people call me 'Dr'. I'm a doctor in title only, not in spirit.
  • Although I have long hair hair got cut!, I'm not a hippee or believe that everyone should just hug and love each other. Just because i'm from California doesnt mean i'm a liberal (im quite opposite).
  • I cant spell to save my life, and since the advent of the Internet I think the spelling and grammar of the world has taken a nosedive (myself included).
  • I cant stand psycho-christian Republicans nor whacky crack-whore loving Liberals. I dont believe the government has any business dictating what I buy, who I fuck, what I watch on TV, or how I parent my non-existing kids. Responsiblity starts at home, and if parents dont realize this then they shouldnt have children.
  • Some of my hobbies include Photography, Computer stuff, Scuba Diving and Shooting stuff!
  • I'm very pro-gun and very anti-gun control. Having a gun shoved in your face twice while at work opens your eyes to things you've never really thought of. One of which is why the police (on both times) took 20 min to get there after we hit the panic buttons the moment we saw the guys whip out the hardware. Why entrust your personal safety and well-being to an outside entity who is powerless to be there when you need them the most? Some things cant be delegated, and personal safety is one of them.
  • I think gun laws are stupid. Criminals dont abide by laws, so you're just making things to hurt the law abiding citizens. If you dont think I should have my 30 round magazines, pistol grips and other things that make a gun look 'scary'; then I dont think you should have your sports car that will do 180 when the speed limit is 70. If you dont think that i dont "need" that rifle or handgun to defend myself, then I dont think you "need" that 4 ton SUV to get a gallon of milk at the store. Remember that more people will be killed by talking-on-the-phone-while-driving-your-oversized-SUV than all firearms put together, and you'd be quite pissed if the government made laws forbidding you from buying that SUV because of the idiots who talk on the phone while driving them.
  • I'm a very firm believer in that regardless if you are pro or anti-gun, you should learn how to safely handle a handgun or rifle. Some of the most anti-gun people I know changed their views radically once they realized that gun people arent rambo war-mongers like the Brady Bill douches portray us to be, but regular responsible citizens like themselves. I'm always willing to show people how to shoot and handle a gun (in case of zombie attack of course) :-)
  • I go deer hunting once a year (if you want to call it that), but I really like killing paper targets instead.
  • I like to go scuba diving with the LJ employees.
  • I have a ton of pictures online, Go here.
  • I believe in paying the extra cash for quality rather than buy cheap and replace it in a few months. Henceforth why I have no money but really really nice things (like a house).
  • I still play Dungeons and Dragons after all these years. No, im not a 40 year old virgin nor the comic book guy on the Simpsons.
  • My attention span has hit its limit on this.
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